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Royal Castle Pepper Sauce

Royal Castle Pepper Sauce

Finally Royal Castle decided to bottle and shell out their awesome pepper sauce at TT$15 (approx. US$2.30) per bottle. What I love about this is that they have realised that their core selling point surrounds this essentially – something about the combination of their crinkle cut fries, homestyle(ish) fried chicken and that pepper sauce is a winning taste sensation.

Moreover, Royal Castle has well-recognised branding and a strong local appeal.

But that’s where it stops. What is frustrating about our interactions with the brand is that will it lives up to its brand promise, it falls short of its brand potential. Trinis love pepper sauce and fried chicken, but your interactions with the franchise are often with a white-tiled, fluorescent lit, dry looking establishment often commandeered by a dour looking face as I am trying to get my fix of zero-trans-fat *cough cough* at 10am!

Royal Castle would do well to love at a revitalisation of the logo that can lead to a revitalisation of its outlets which can be done at minimal cost – some lighting, fixtures, coat of paint. Better working environments can lead to a more productive working environment.

Nothing is worse than a brand that isn’t living up to its fullest potential. But that pepper sauce is a step in the right direction!

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