Start Somewhere…


Whenever faced with the daunting challenge of a new project or creating a new idea, we often find ourselves Dreaming Big. The idea comes from a longtime friend and former business associate Virpal Singh, who remarked one day, “Dream Big, ‘cuz no one gets anywhere by dreaming small.”

This logic keeps us grounded. In essence, while we may not be able to do in one sitting, what we would ideally like to do, just by starting the process we can at least be the beginning of something Big.

A casual read of a corporate blog took us to the increasingly popular Kia Rio. First design and produced in 1987 to allow housewifes to stay in the car and simply drive through grocery aisles with ease, the Kia Pride was a design oddity, built on value and simplicity; and some queer design aesthetic that could only be the result of too many cooks (Kia, Ford and Mazda all worked on this)

1987 Kia Pride

Later on, this oddity would be rebranded into the less rainbow-sounding name Kia Avella. It was the first car in its class in Asia to offer dual airbags. The Kia was becoming synonymous for value by the time that the makers settled on the more universally appealing name Kia Rio.

Kia AvellaNow they were onto something. Rio was now a symbol of something of value, that was decent enough to be caught driving (not that we want to hate on the Kia Pride, but nope.. never. We would rather hop a Digicel PediCab to get home)

There was little or no design promise here – only the brand’s overall offer of a series of decent driveable starter cars for first-time buyers etc.

When Peter Schreyer left Audi to join Kia as Chief Design Officer, suddenly the little Kia was adjusted to the brand’ s now widely-recognised ‘tiger-nose’ grille. All else remained the same until BOOM! The 2012 Kia Rio! 

2012 Kia Rio

This car was a huge revelation. Now apart from its brand promise of value – it could offer the immediacy of being a car that people wanted to be seen in! This was a huge change in the automaker’s public perception. We like to think of every model of Kia Rio as an evolution, or a series of drafts, on the car’s way to becoming what it is today. There would be no stunning Kia Rio gracing the streets of Port of Spain, Trinidad without these folks eking out the Kia Pride those two decade before.

Think about it. Dream Big. And start somewhere!

Read more on the Kia Rio at The Kia Rio then and Now – A Design Evolution.

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