Transforming the Playing Field

18Imagine a 12 year old Steven Spielberg, standing on the edge of his creative space with his 8MM camera, dreaming of the long and arduous road to Hollywood, the pinnacle of the western world’s ascerbic creative achievements.

Now imagine today’s 12 year old, grabbing his parents Canon to shoot some HD video, edit on a boot leg copy of FinalCut Pro, and throwing in graphics that his friends drum up on some online image editing software or a copy of Creative Suite.  The field has long since began to tend to a level one – anyone with a decent camera, can now claim rights as a photographer or videographer. Throw in some creative social media and your 1000+ Facebook friends, and you got an outright business.

Take a look at the creativity of some Russian youth – almost totally creating the same level of realism of Michael Bay’s multi-million dollar Transformers movies. Out of control!

How many years from now, before we are depending less on a reboot of the Batman series, and doing our own franchises?

Transformers on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Transformers on Vimeo.

One response to “Transforming the Playing Field

  1. Thanks for posting this great article 🙂 technology is truly entering a new age. Imagine some phones are even able to shoot their own commercials in HD to boot. Even the video camera may go the way of the dinosaurs, thought I’m sure its a way off. Guess this just means we will have to continue to push the boundaries of innovation to stay ahead of the tech wave.

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