News Ways of Old Media

16Promotional marketing is often viewed as the lower end of the marketing ladder. Many people will vividly recall being greeted by beautiful men/women/boy or girls in promotional tee-shirts or polos standing next to mega-branded promotional booths  or simply recall friendly ladies serving up product samples in your grocery aisle.

Truth is, promotional marketing done right can be the tip of the spear to win over undecided customers or those who favor the competitor. But the traditional marketing approach doesn’t always lend itself to creating a valuable and insightful customer interaction and a long-term relationship. Many promotions are done as a fad, with no attachment to a long-term goal. Simplicity is key, take for example, bmobile representatives (local telecom company) boarding a maxi (local mini-bus) and announcing that they will be paying for everyone’s fare back to the transport hub. This ties in conveniently well with the company’s current advertising campaign “We Got This” and demonstrates that bmobile will take care your telecom needs and more. Regardless of the reality, one user tweeted his delight at receiving a free ride home. Even if he never used or plans to switch to their network, it still creates goodwill, if done right.

Promotional marketing can often be viewed as gimmicky as well. To combat this, many companies have, in recent times, pulled back of above the line advertising and opted for creative and innovative ways of getting that message across. We looked at the Mini Cooper campaign, demonstrated so well by its life-sized mock-up attached to the walls of the Port of Spain and San Fernando locations of the dealership. It’s catchy, noticeable and even makes us want a Mini. In short, it is an effective use of the budget; the only downside being that it was only seen primarily by the same people who use these same city streets daily and those that braved the standard traffic jam to use these streets. But it worked; and above all, is memorable. It sticks with you. And that car sticks to a wall. Imagine how it sticks to the road! *calling dealership now*



BP in its Olympic support campaign, vowed to support Trinidad and Tobago’s athlete’s via a TT$200,000 donation to the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee, once the number of tweets of their hashtag #i4TandT reached 100,000 by a date in September. Brilliant! But they didn’t stop there. The installation of a great centre piece of the athletes and Olympics at the Piarco International Airport was eye-catching – especially with it’s ceiling mounted viewing area. Again, brilliant in terms of promotion. And excellent placement. *location, location, location!*

Spend wisely. But if your budget is limited. Think creatively. Think like a small company and go for impact over expanse. Think small (business) and you’re thinking Big!

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