Better Business Everyday

Huckleberry Media Co Print AdMuch of our time at Huckleberry Media Company has been spent trying to improve the lives of the people we work with, simply BY doing good, ethical business with them. The very belief that business in and of itself CAN be good is the very impetus that drives us to deliver quality products and services, at the best rate, in a timely and environmentally-friendly, client-friendly and stakeholder-friendly manner.

By this very definition of our goals, we undergo extensive reviews of projects, starting with costs and individuals involved. Our custom-built solutions to design/print proposals allows us to pull from a pool of young and talented designers; opening up big business opportunities that would not exist had we not connected the dots between smaller designers and bigger businesses. These designers can now benefit from a market that is more open, and a paycheck that is fair and favourable to their work and their experience. Businesses benefit too, not only in terms of costs which tend to be lower, but from a wider creative talent pool, one where ideas are fresher or where new angles can be found to approach old problems. And we benefit too, no doubt, by continuing to excel in our categories of design, branding and media.

Our approach even involves evaluation of the impact our business has on fourth parties. In many cases, we team up with printeries such as Texprint to deliver eco-based print solutions that lower the emissions associated with the print process, and result in ‘greener’ magazines for our clients. We really just love that we can create eco-friendly products at competitive print rates, for clients that had not considered it before. And mostly, we just love that eco-based vegetable inks, simply smell better when printed. Clients love it too! To achieve this we pay particular attentions to our costs of doing business; our unique light business model allows us to save and pass those savings on to other aspects of our final product.

So the next time you explore print solutions in the range of special publications or magazines, consider your options; and we guarantee you will find that our wickedly creative approach, is the one that you need. After all, we don’t offer solutions; we offer success.

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