The Move to Mobile

Albert Einsten was once quoted as saying, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

A casual glance across restaurants, movie theatres, coffee shops, gyms and driver’s careening down the highways and by-ways will reveal a world consumed by digital and mobile technology. Well at least a Western world.

Apple Inc’s announcement of an iPad Mini, against the wishes of the late Steve Jobs reveals a consumer driven culture that is determined at all costs to keep users spending quality times with digital and mobile devices. For the advertiser, this is a brilliant opportunity. But it’s Friday, so we thought we would find something better to do with our time. As soon as you can, turn off the screen and try any of the following old school fun things to do:

– Working on a design challenge in Creative Suite? Trying to find a pen and paper in a modern graphic designers office is more difficult than you think, but find it and try the problem there. Instant solutions guaranteed!

– Trying to sell a client on your latest product/design or project via PDF or Google Docs or any other digital format? Research suggests that human beings tune into rough or incomplete ideas easier than finished ones. So drum up a sketch, or outline your ideas via a whiteboard. Chances are they will fill in the incomplete ideas on their own, and sell themselves on your own idea.

– Step away from the screen and go water the office plants. Working from a home office means we have a whole spectacular garden to water. Ideas flow, like well… water.

– Take your phone and stow it away. When you compulsively reach for it, say while driving or while brainstorming, replace the moment with something fun and/or healthy, like a glass of water. Or if you really must, a sip of Coca-Cola, or a bite of some chocolate. Try the Gangnam Style dance. Sit and breathe deeply for 1 minute. It’s amazing how many times we reach for a device that hasn’t asked us to.

– Head out to the mall for a quick window shopping trip. Often seeing what’s in style, or just taking in colours and fonts from other sources can lead to inspiration.

– Have a drink. Yes you heard us. In many countries (France for example) a midday drink isn’t frowned upon; it’s a welcome part of their culture. And the relaxing aid of just the ‘onesy’ can close off the other parts of the mind and open up the creative. Just stick to one drink ideally. We highly recommend the Bahama Mama at TGI Fridays – a mix of coconut rum, dark rum, orange and pineapple juice and a shot of grenadine!

– Take the client out. If you are more focused in the advertising sales field for example, meeting the client more informally can help create a real bond, especially over a cup of tea/coffee or food. Chances are you may be able to expense it too! And cheesecake is always a dealmaker.

Above all else, find time to disconnect daily from technology. After all, your humanity is at stake.

One response to “The Move to Mobile

  1. A Bahama Mama will definitely seal the deal! 😉

    Stow the phone I agree.Leave it at home sometimes too I say!If people wanna find you they will! 🙂

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