Crowd-sourced and pleased to meet you

15We get asked this all the time – what is a crowd-sourced company? And the answer is very simple, but requires a bit of background.

The traditional advertising model means that the advertiser (or client) will seek out an agency (usually one with a nice office decorated with a slew of awards) to spearhead a new campaign or a new product etc. So far, so good. That agency will then undertake, with its in-house copy editors, graphic designers and other creatives to work with that client and present a proposal and a costing. That’s where agencies are starting to lose the plot – and this is not a critique of the modern advertising agency at all, but most agency types are over-worked and often underpaid. That client will find them themselves sharing the same creative team that must also attend to a bevy of other projects, all very different from each other. And when the work is completed, not only is the agency billing for the creative work but it will also do so by adding on rates of 20-30% of the cost of advertising placements inflating the already high-priced campaign they paid for.

So Huckleberry had a solution. We could create a network of designers, photographers, copyrighters and other creatives who would have access to these projects. Huckleberry would source the work (something that committed designers find little time to do, and other creatives fear or loathe) and we would oversee the creation of the project with a team of independent persons. The results to date? We have been able to innovate faster, and better than the typical agency model and moreso, we have been able to create work for other artists outside of the agency communities.

And the silver lining? Independents cost less over time as the work is contracted on a as-needed basis; reducing our own overheads in slower times, allowing us to pass those savings onto clients that simply want to be charged a fair price for a quality product or service. In the near future, we will be expanding our creative network and we look forward to welcoming new faces onboard. In the interim, if you are interested you can drop us a line at – regardless of where you live!

As Huckleberry grows, so too do our creative  partners and our partner businesses. Huckleberry is success.

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