Huck is growing. Shouldn’t you too?

With a growing list of service offerings, we just thought we should post a quick reminder to what we offer! And don’t forget that anyone is welcome to sign on to join the Caribbean’s first crowd-sourced media company at

Pending your quick sign up, you will receive a confirmation email (auto-generated) and a later email from Huck requesting work sample and portfolio items for consideration to join the team!

• Design & Management of Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles and social media spaces
• Creation and delivery of web destinations including mobile and tablet-friendly websites
• Online Advertising Consultancy
• Magazine Design and Advertising Sales Consultancy
• Banner Design and Print Supply. (delivery to Trinidad and Tobago locations)
• Design of all printed materials including business cards, brochures, flyers, letterheads, calendars, invitations, envelopes etc.
• Branding and Logo Design
• Models
• Photography Services
• Sponsorship Financing
• Public Relations Services

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