Huck travels to Westeros

5It seems that no one is reading blogs tonight for one reason only – Game of Thrones on HBO. And so, we just have to get your attention one way or the other with our very own tribute to Game of Thrones sigil. If you have no idea what a sigil is, well you can see them all here: (If you have no idea what Game of Thrones is.. well, that’s another story…)

Huckleberry is founded on the principle that we succeed when our clients succeed, so we truly believe that if we lived in the fictional land of Westeros that “The VICTORY IS oURS” – that is, yours and ours, would be our motto. And as our work depends on the numerous crowd-sourced creative minds that comprise our creative army, everyone wins when Huck gets to work. So, what do you think of our sigil?

House Huck Sigil

House Huck Sigil

While you’re at it, feel free to check out other tribute sigils below, but come back!


Social and Websites

Scientific Achievements

And to really tax your pop culture knowledge, Fictional Characters

Now back to your Game of Thrones episodes and illegal downloads!

– Huck

No copyright is assumed from the creators of Game of Thrones or HBO. Images for tribute purposes only.

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