#CLAY Lights up the Night with Afterlight (and Huck)

#clay afterlight-2If you missed CLAY’s Afterlight, you missed one of the best parties to hit Trinidad and Tobago in recent times (and we have partying/feting down to a science!) From the event’s layout and design to its superb service, food and drinks (Prosecco all night!) Afterlight was a must and will surely be added to the roster of premium events in T&T. Keep in mind that this was the first event of its kind by the CLAY team, having just completed only their second J’Ouvert* earlier this year.

Huck was proud to sign on as social media partner for the event, administrating the Facebook event page as well as the Instagram and Twitter accounts for the Saturday evening-to-night jam session. On taking on the accounts we immediately began a new push for the event, retooling the messages from one of hard sell (here’s the party, come!) to messages that went along three lines: Music, Fashion and Photos. Our posts worked with the CLAY team who handled the main Facebook Page to jet Youtube videos of the music expected at the event to Facebook and Twitter as well as images of those songs to the Instagram wall. We also pulled fashion from the recent events by the likes of CreativeTT and local designers, crediting the designer and encouraging party-goers to get their resort-chic ready for the big night.

Retooled Instagram account For the final week, we also retooled the official Instagram page  @clayjouvert, moving it from the mud mask and J’Ouvert* centric look of the profile, and refocusing on the Afterlight event. The website was redirected from clayjouvert.com to the Facebook event page and the bio details were reworked to speak only of Afterlight. This helped to reduce the confusion with the social audience that believed that Afterlight was simply (another!) J’Ouvert* party. The number of messages asking why a J’Ouvert* party was being held at 4pm as opposed to 4am dropped sharply. Introducing images of the songs we expected to hear at the event helped to showcase a more international feel to the event and adding elements of Fashion to the photo app highlighting the resort chic feel that the organizers wanted to see helped seal the deal, that this was not mud, paint and J’Ouvert, but a new, dynamic and premium event.

To close the final week we also introduced minor tweaks only for Instagram- incorporating a blood red sunset sky feel to all the photos with strong white font (to match the white sand that was introduced to the event venue space for a real SoBe feel.)

We closed the week with a countdown to the event and opened the event on Instagram at the start of the event with a large Insta-tile celebrating that it was now CLAY time!

The Result

All in all, Instagram users increased rapidly with many using the  #CLAYafterlight during and after the event (thank you!), the number of questions regarding J’ouvert decreased sharply as users got the sense of the party through the new feel introduced and ticket sales received a last minute push as the event began to buzz socially. The event was widely covered from Trinidad LookBook to PureTrinbago and Lime.tt and more across social media and we were able to retweet, comment and thanks fans for joining us.  Even better, as it’s not all too common in T&T, the good-looking crowd lived up to the event’s fashion request and turned out beautifully in elegant, tropical and resort friendly wear – both men and women (kudos!)

Congrats to the CLAY team on an excellent event- we look forward to even more in the future.

– Huck

Visit clayjouvert.com, IG and Twitter: @clayjouvert or FB: Clay Jouvert.

* Definition: J’Ou·vert ZHo͞oˈver/ noun: (in the Caribbean) the official start of carnival, at dawn on the Monday preceding Lent.

Other Images from Campaign:

Images from the stunning venue:

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