In case you missed it,  ‘The Good, the Bad, the ADLY’ campaign takes a look at advertising in T&T. But as with our promise to start small and do that excellently first, we are focusing on print ads in T&T newspapers done for the holidays, of which we have around 30! We anonymously polled some advertising execs and also reached out to our freelance base and compiled all comments and feedback into short reviews below. YOU can join that review too, just in time for Republic Day by adding your name to the Huckpot: email us at

Airports Authority


*Cue Rihanna work instrumental*


The Red Coats are coming! The Red Coats are coming. Yup – more Scarlet Ibis followed the trend of Independence Day ads. That aside, we have always loved the Airports Authority logo, it’s very 80’s and it still works. Kind of like All Rounder after Hoppy rediscovered him for a SCORCH fete a few years back. There really could be some more originality in this one of course, but the font at least works and the message is simple. I mean, it’s a billion-dollar international airport, surely there’s some nice photo to be used. But then again, they used a bunch of stock images for the area behind the check-in counters. How do YOU feel about that by the way?


photo-08-09-2016-10-22-43-amA plant! A hibiscus!  A reef! A bird! A doe! A deer! A female deer. We do love the upper and lower silhouettes, but maybe one would have worked rather than two – and we’re preferential to the white lower. And did you raise your internal voice for the bigger words when you read too? Oh that was just us…. This is a fantastic attempt to stand out from the #ID16 clutter, but according to their website, “Methanex manages and operates two methanol plants on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate on Trinidad’s west coast. (One plant) produces 875,000 metric tonnes per year and (the other) has a production capacity of 1.7 million tonnes per year.” Their community initiatives include mentoring young leaders, partnering for improved paediatric care and helping higher learning, so why does this ad set out to make them look like Papa Bois? Maybe Papa Bois should start advertising with oil pipes and gas flares as their imagery. It’s perturbing that energy companies push their eco-friendly agenda so hard. It’s like your doubles man running an ad with a bunch of old, healthy folks without ‘sugars’ problems. We’re sure there’s some photo from these great initiatives that could be used to highlight community work and celebrate the day, no?

The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago

photo-08-09-2016-10-22-01-amYAS. You’re getting it now aren’t ya, NGC! Is this Ogilvy or Rostant DDB? Maybe we shouldn’t guess at agencies right Thais? But, this is fantastic stuff. The gas bubbles rise out of the earth to wave a Trini flag made of natural gas bubbles too! Or something like that. Either way, its effing awesome – clean, modern and it really pops! See what we did there 😉 Unique wording not ripped from the Coat of Arms and nice placement of your bevy of logos below. The only thing is the lower bubbles make us feel for a damn Coke, again. Any thoughts on reinvigorating your original NGC logo though? Maybe a little tweak? That tender could take years, why not crowdsource it to all of T&T with us? I mean, we should have a say right, your yellow gas pipes practically are running through our backyards.


photo-08-09-2016-10-21-55-amAnd here we have the long exposure image of when our country, depicted as a car, derailed, crossed lanes and flipped into a burning recession. T&TEC powers our lights, that we know, and apparently powers our destiny. Wonder how much that destiny electric bill is gonna be though? Still, there’s something we like about it – the long exposure photo maybe? The cumbersome 70th anniversary logo? Not sure. But no birds, thankfully. *From the Board, management and ugh….*


photo-08-09-2016-10-21-02-amThis is the fingerprint President Carmona uses to unlock the country’s iPhone. It’s cool though, we get it  – it’s our unique fingerprint on the world, right?  Clean stuff and it definitely stood out in print, but would have fared better in a magazine and not newsprint. It’s a little sad that they had to explain who they were in this ad, considering their long term investment and association with T&T. But, it works. ¡Hola Repsol!

Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission

photo-08-09-2016-10-23-42-amFrom the Board of Directors… Argh. See National Flour Mills in previous post. So there’s a road that Monsanto got to and sprayed with something that turned all the grass red. Anyway,  it’s a flag, in the road, we get it. It’s a little unnatural. It’s like the Digicel Kaleidodash hit Caroni though. Could have kept the green gas, used green road signage maybe. But this is a roadmap! So we downloaded the app and we like it. But the content is a little less than promised. So don’t forget to update that TTSEC! Cuz this cluttered road to your app better lead somewhere. Now, we’re gonna click our feels and get back to good ad design, with…


photo-08-09-2016-10-20-55-amThere’s a kid making a movie about modern T&T built on the history of our country right? The wording is unique and reads like a message to the country which is fantastic (good effort there) and the imagery catches your eye. And there’s a lot going on but it still works – the old TV set box with historic clips, the sketch of the kid and the modern imagery up top caught up in a rainy season whirlwind. Lower silhouette quadrant has worked for the brand for a long time and still does too. The movie about the giant Scarlet Ibis attacking the city should be fantastic. Can’t wait! How about Flight of the Ibis vs. Men in Gray for a title? If you’re old enough to get that reference, high five. We really like this one.


Photo 08-09-2016, 10 20 49 AM.png

Lazy. Seems about right if you ever been in an RBC bank line. And did Kamla write this copy too? When you literally just stick the message into your brand’s template  – you’re doing it wrong. Steel pan, flag, ibis, Maracas, oh boy. We suprise we didn’t find Redman in here too. Where to start. Someone, help.. comment? Please comment. We’re not sure what to do here.

NAGICO Insurances

photo-08-09-2016-10-20-42-amCelebrate #ID2016 in the Matrix! It’s a little otherworldly, but at least the grass is green and not red in this one. And it did stand out from the red crowd.

Republic Bank

Photo 08-09-2016, 10 19 33 AM.png

Positive reflections colour the fabric of our society – and that fabric layered behind this ad is probably what’s on the walls of their offices at Park Street, 90’s aesthetic and all. I could literally hear Anthony Dennison reading this one. In fact, this ad looks so old, it makes us want to save up $1.50 from school allowance to go by a Showtime this Friday, just to see it in there.

Maggi and Carnation Milk

This is really excellent work. Nestle.  This is how you fit your message into your brand template, RBC! Those three peaks made of napkins in the Carnation ad – bueno! The red table cloth, black mat and silver knife that cuts in for the white – muy bueno! And all the local food. These ads are winners anywhere, anytime. We agree Chelsea, we love these. Writer’s note: Don’t literally combine these products by the way, we figuratively did it for simplicity. AND, it’s Nest-lay by the way.

blink | bmobile

photo-08-09-2016-10-20-29-amTook us a little while to realise this was actually a phone outline made up of people. We love the “Free to live, love and forge our beautiful identity” Not sure about the love part. Font work is nice, imagery is unique and clean, social media logos have their neat place and the brand colours (orange for blink and green for bmobile) are interwoven neatly.  Nice work – these brands always deliver consistently good holiday advertising.

That’s a wrap! Want to share your own input, you  can message us on Facebook, sign up to review Republic Day ads or join our freelance team (we have lots of fantastic work opportunities if you’re a freelance creative) via

See you soon.

– Huck

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