Facebook at WORK?

hmc-blog-2Yup. But not that problem you been having with your newest interns. Facebook at Work as it was first known is now going by the name Workplace by Facebook and is an enterprise-level solution that’s expected to roll out fully this month. But it’s not literally as it sounds.

Facebook is currently battling the emergence of other powerful networking/communications tools at the business place like Slack and older ones like Skype. If it’s one thing we get as company that operates almost entirely as a bunch of digital nomads, it’s that there still is no ONE eco-system that really gets it right. Sure we love Slack, but seldom do we have our partner companies or freelancers who want to download ANOTHER app. “Everyone’s on Whatsapp” they say, let’s just use that. Here’s the problem: MY Whatsapp pings for everything from time to pick up family to one of several group chats that go on 24 hours a day or to those God-awful out-of the-blue Hi’s from people you haven’t heard from in ages (and don’t want to) So in many instances, I won’t immediately pick up my phone to view Whatsapp and will therefore miss your very important work message, “Sent you email.” :/

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-12-55-36-pmWorse yet, with old technologies like Skype, not everyone is still using it. With new technologies, not everyone wants to learn it. And even if we did solve the communication issue we still have to resort to Trello for project management or on to Google Docs for document editing or to Dropbox for larger files.

With all this technology, business communication is still a huge problem and no better since my dad had a typewriter and one office phone line. Enter Workplace by Facebook. And there’s a big plus for the Facebook system: it’s familiar. We get Facebook.

It’s important to note this is an entirely separate digital eco-system, not simply a company Page or Group page. It exists separate to your personal Facebook but offers an ad-free space ($1-$5 per user), complete with it’s own Newsfeed, and separate Messaging and updates including voice and video calling. So to be clear, there’s a separate Work Chat app, and messages about that PDF from the client won’t get mixed up in that roti recipe from your auntie in your personal Facebook.

According to Social Media Today:

Facebook at Work has been in closed beta since last January, with a range of businesses using the new system as part of the test pool. Those brands include The Royal Bank of Scotland and Heineken. The system’s also used by Facebook internally, which has enabled them to thoroughly test and understand the benefits and weaknesses of the system as they’ve gone about refining the product.

Will you use Workplace? Trinidad and Tobago is not yet listed, though we have requested the addition. You can still sign up and view more info here: https://workplace.fb.com/


Director, New Media
Huckleberry Media Co.

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