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Samule on Unsplash

Samule on Unsplash

Now, Marcus Engman plans to hire out collaborators from his network on a per-project basis. He argues that this new model will be more equitable for everyone involved, because he plans to share profits with his team, rather than paying out stock salaries. And it will allow him to take on projects more flexibly, since his crew can always be in flux.
– “Design Will Kill Marketing”, Fast Company

The quote above explaining the recent career move by Marcus Engman, immediate former head of design for IKEA, reflects what we already knew of the advertising industry. Prior to his role at IKEA, Engman was head of his own 30+ member agency. When we’re approached about our Silo Model, we don’t pretend to have reinvented the wheel – but we don’t think we should have to explain the logic of hiring on an as-needed basis – it should be the de-facto agency model.

When a film is being made, a cast and crew are hired to tell that ONE particular story. Similarly, music artistes higher different producers, engineers and other musicians for different albums to get a different and newer sound each time. Engaged couples hire event planners and photographers that reflect the aesthetic that they want for their wedding and would hire a different team if either one had to do it all over again. Companies switch up interior designers between different offices or buildings. SO, why is it that companies go back to the exact same group of people, year after year, who work in a stagnant advertising agency environment – even when they change strategies or design aspects in their advertisements? Why are the top companies in Trinidad and Tobago circling the agency landfill and hoping that the tried and tested models passed down from their international connected agencies would work here? In many cases, local agencies don’t even practice what their international counterparts are. Now are not discrediting the major and massive work that agencies are doing – we are simply saying there are better and more efficient ways of doing it.

If in almost every creative endeavour, a unique team is brought in each time to bring something new and vibrant to an idea, why is it such a surprise that Huckleberry hires on an as-needed basis? That our team works remotely but uniquely on that one client and no more than that one at a time. A corporate designer is hired for that type of work but a witty copywriter is brought on for a client looking for just that.

We established this Silo Model in 2012 locally and have tested it across 30+ clients. The shift has happened and it’s still happening by the leading movers and shakers internationally. Unless you’re one of those people that orders the exact same flavours every time you go by the sno-cone man. And you run an organisation that’s just as daring. Why aren’t you reaching out for better advertising. Or the guava flavour?


Full Fast Company article here.

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