Our Story: Wicked Creativity

Huckleberry Media Company started with a simple notion, to demonstrate #wickedcreativity in the fields of branding, design and public relations. To achieve that, we undertook a troublesome idea: to be open to innovation, we had to be innovation itself. And therein we created the first crowd-sourced media agency in Trinidad and Tobago. Our talent stems from dozens of designers and creative minds, who we work with daily to find the best fit for our clients and for our work.

We’re based on a little island with a big name, Trinidad and Tobago. But we see the ocean’s around us, the way that Mark Twain’s character once saw the river Mississipi. We see uncharted adventures ahead. And we want to share our journey with you. Kind of like today’s Huckleberry Finn (‘cuz today’s Tom Sawyer is already part of an eighties hit) So we hope you travel with us on that journey and stay tuned to our creative space right here.

We are Huckleberry. We are success.

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