CarpeDM Social Design



Every company should have at least one well-designed social media channel that reflects brand values and can serve to attract new business. We do just that from scratch.


From US $79 flat fee

What You Enjoy

  • Design and creation of one selected profile for either Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter or Pinterest
  • Complete bio and data fulfillment that can help your profile be found and followed
  • Images created and added with your input

What We Need

  • Company data including location, web address etc
  • Photos to be used or stock images you would like to use along with other imagery to guide
  • For Facebook, your personal account URL (not log in)
  • For LinkedIn, your personal account login details
  • For Google +, your Gmail address


  • How long does it take to create and set up my account?

2-3 business days usually.

  • How do I access it afterwards?

Full account details will be forwarded and you can then set a different password if you like.

  • Don’t you manage it afterwards too?

We can, but this fee is a one-time set up fee. You can choose a social media management plan afterwards if you like – like CarpeDM Social One.

  • Do I need a personal social media account prior?

For Facebook and LinkedIn yes.

  • Do I need to have a logo or photos prior?

It helps, but we can also assist in logo development and can use photos you approve.

  • Is social media even for my business or is this for more established businesses?

Social media is for everyone – new, old, established and large and small businesses. The point of social media is just like traditional media (TV, radio, print). We strive to help you reach new customers, remind existing ones or inform them of new services and products and ultimately grow your business.

  • Why should I choose social media?

Unlike traditional media, we can drill down to geographic areas, isolate and target demographics of interest and also have a two-way conversation with potential and existing customers. It’s also the most cost-effective means of advertising today – and your market is likely more mobile and easily reached where they are – on their phones and computers.