CarpeDM Social One



Experience world-class solution media management taken care of by a dedicated US-based social media manager so that you can do what you do best – take care of business.


From US $149 / month

What You Enjoy

  • Social media management of one selected profile for either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest
  • A dedicated social media manager
  • Five (5) weekly posts – once daily for weekdays. Images included in three (3) of five. Content is brand-centric (your content) and a mix of on-brand content
  • Custom-content calendar with your images and requests included alongside our advised posts
  • Prior approval of all posts
  • Responses to messages and posts
  • Monthly engagement reports
  • Unlimited online and email support
  • Set-up consult call

What We Need

  • Completion of survey to match brand voice and develop social calendar
  • Access to social media accounts


  • Will my account grow from this?

Yes it will. But organic reach is very limited due to social channels’ algorithms that are designed to direct you to advertise (how they earn income). You can also request a Growth Hacker service from us or have us manage your social media spending.

  • What type of content can I expect?

Apart from your dictated content, we will create and allocate posts that are a mix of inspirational, news, educational and relevant pieces of content that are designed to create engagement.

  • What does my dedicated social media manager do for my business?

Creation of content, posting of native and curated content, message response and flagging of inappropriate posts. This two way interaction with fans and followers is how your brand can create conversation, develop brand loyalty and win new business.

  • Is social media even for my business or is this for more established businesses?

Social media is for everyone – new, old, established and large and small businesses. The point of social media is just like traditional media (TV, radio, print). We strive to help you reach new customers, remind existing ones or inform them of new services and products and ultimately grow your business.

  • Why should I choose social media?

Unlike traditional media, we can drill down to geographic areas, isolate and target demographics of interest and also have a two-way conversation with potential and existing customers. It’s also the most cost-effective means of advertising today – and your market is likely more mobile and easily reached where they are – on their phones and computers.