AMPED: Social Media Success

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.34.46 AMNo Vikey Vai Social Media

Vikey Vai (adj) – lackadaisical, disorderly, unplanned, chaotic, without care or thought – to act with irresponsibility, or to act without concern for others. To do something in a haphazard manner. From French, vaille que vaille ‘for better or worse.’

This phrase underpins the manner we have seen companies, people and yes even agencies manage social media for their clients. Social media is something we love, understand and want everyone to benefit from, especially our clients. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our crowdsourced community of #Huckers as well. You can collaborate and build campaigns remotely using the best talent in photography, writing, design, data analytics and more. This gives clients the best possible outcomes at cost-effective rates that benefit wider communities of freelance creatives and not just those within agencies.

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-12-31-35-amSo, we’re saying no more to that model of social media management that benefits no one. What clients, creatives and consumers need is a dedicated social media management service that builds quality campaigns, with stunning visuals and excellent content, with an intuitive advertising system for efficient spending like our native AMPS model: Advertising Monitoring, Planning and Strategy system for Social Media spending. We’re ending the lame-duck social media system being foisted on us in Trinidad and Tobago. And though we have been offering social media services for well over four years, we just decided to give it a name. Like it? Share it!

Why Huck?

Our social media clients have included Financial Services, Media, Personalities, Fast Food Franchises, Government entities, Entertainment brands and more. We have built and scaled up mom-and-pop brands too. From creating the content, calendars, photography and leading the advertising campaigns to regular reporting, we can create social media with a purpose for your brand.

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-12-35-04-amNeed a quote or more info? Email us at It’s that easy.


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